Previous Years Based SSC GK (General Knowledge)

71. What is the focal length of a concave lense with number -5D?

[A] 5 cm
[B] 10 cm
[C] 15 cm
[D] 20 cm

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72. How much of longitude account for one hour?

[A] 10 degree
[B] 15 degree
[C] 20 degree
[D] 25 degree

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73. Which among the following radiations in the Sunlight causes tanning and sunburn?

[A] Ultraviolet
[B] Visible
[C] Infrared
[D] Micro waves

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74. Which among the following is NOT a book written by Khushwant Singh?

[A] We Indians
[B] Delhi: A novel
[C] The End of India
[D] Woman: Many Hues Many Shades

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75. In context with RSS or Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, what does Sarsanghchalak refer to?

[A] Head of RSS
[B] Head at Prant (state) level
[C] Head at District Level
[D] Head of the Local RSS Shakha

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76. In context with the Defense of India, Advanced Technology Vessel (ATV) Projects are related to which among the following?

[A] Nuclear Capable Missiles
[B] Nuclear Capable Submarines
[C] Aircraft Career Ships
[D] Amphibious warfare vessels

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77.  Soviet aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, has been rechristened in India as which among the following?

[A] INS Viraat
[B] INS Vikramaditya
[C] INS Chakra
[D] INS Arihant

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78. Which among the following are being procured by India for its armed forces, under the Project-75 India (P-75I) Programme?

[A] Medium multi-role combat aircraft
[B] Falcon Awacs
[C] Submarines
[D] Aircraft Career Ships

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79. Mission Dakshin Dhruv 2006 was a successful operation of which among the following?

[A] Indian Navy
[B] Indian Army
[C] Indian Airforce
[D] Indian Armed forces

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80. Which among the following compound is most commonly used in the Photochromic lenses?

[A] Potassium Dichromate
[B] Silver Chloride
[C] Potassium ferrate
[D] Ferric Chloride

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