Previous Years Based SSC GK (General Knowledge)

11. Which of the following rivers serves as a nesting ground for Olive Ridley turtles?

[A] Devi River
[B] Pennar River
[C] Hughli River
[D] Bhima River

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12. In which of the following regions, maize is used as staple food ?

[A] Western Europe
[B] Russia
[C] Middle Africa
[D] South-East Asia

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13. Who among the following was the first person to scale Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen?

[A] Terence Bannon
[B] Duncan Chessell
[C] Reinhold Messner
[D] Jean Troillet

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14. Which of the following two countries currently occupy / control the Golan heights?

[A] Egypt & Syria
[B] Turkey & Israel
[C] Israel & Syria
[D] Syria & Turkey

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15. In which year, Indian Mountaineering Foundation was established?

[A] 1957
[B] 1958
[C] 1959
[D] 1960

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16. Who is the author of “Divine Comedy”?

[A] Goethe
[B] Milton
[C] Dante
[D] Shakespeare

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17. The unicameral parliament of which country is known as Knesset?

[A] Finland
[B] Israel
[C] Turkey
[D] Lebanon

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18. Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar award ?

[A] Bhanu Athaiya
[B] Shabana Azmi
[C] Satyajit Ray
[D] Naseeruddin Shah

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19. The Narora atomic power plant is located in which district of Uttar Pradesh?

[A] Bulandshahar
[B] Barabanki
[C] Saharanpur
[D] Chanduali

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20. Which of the following is not a correct statement?

[A] Sundarbans delta is home to the largest mangrove forest in the world
[B] India is world’s largest mica producer
[C] Easter Island is only land area that is antipodal to India
[D] India’s largest saltwater lake is located in Gujarat

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