Previous Years Based SSC GK (General Knowledge)

61. Who among the following is the current head of International Atomic Energy Agency?

[A] Yukiya Amano
[B] Mohamed ElBaradei
[C] Hans Blix
[D] Sigvard Eklund

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62. Kalimantan is the part of which among the following countries?

[A] Thailand
[B] Malaysia
[C] Indonesia
[D] Cambodia

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63. In which of the following countries / regions is located the Buddhist Somapura Mahavihara?

[A] Tibet
[B] India
[C] Nepal
[D] Bangladesh

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64. The capital of which among the following countries is called “Krung Thep Maha Nakhon” in local language?

[A] Myanmmar
[B] Thailand
[C] Laos
[D] Cambodia

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65. Kiel Canal connects which among the following?

[A] Baltic Sea and North sea
[B] Baltic Sea and Norwegian Sea
[C] Baltic Sea and White sea
[D] White Sea and North Sea

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66. Which of the following cities is called “Detroit of India” for its automobiles industry?

[A] Kanpur
[B] Pune
[C] Chennai
[D] Hyderabad

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67. Who was first to measure the circumference of Earth?

[A] Aristotle
[B] Anaximander
[C] Herodotus
[D] Eratosthenes

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68. Which among the following qualities of iron ore is best based upon iron content?

[A] Magnetite
[B] Hematite
[C] Limonite
[D] Siderite

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69. In which of the following Oceans/ seas, lies the Sunda Trench?

[A] Indian Ocean
[B] Pacific Ocean
[C] Atlantic Ocean
[D] Arabian Sea

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70. What is the focal length of a concave lense with number -5D?

[A] 5 cm
[B] 10 cm
[C] 15 cm
[D] 20 cm

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