Previous Years Based SSC GK (General Knowledge)

191. Which volcano is called the “light pillar of Mediterranean sea”?

[A] Mount Barbaro
[B] Mount Etna
[C] Strombli
[D] Mount Vesuvius

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192. Which city is on the banks of “Seine” River?

[A] Paris
[B] Frankfurt
[C] Geneva
[D] Rome

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193. Isohaline are the lines joining the points in the ocean that have equal _____?

[A] Density
[B] Salinity
[C] Temperature
[D] None of the above

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194. Which among the following is NOT a correct statement about ” tropical rainforests”?

[A] They are roughly within 28 north or south of the equator.
[B] They are also known as lowland equatorial evergreen rainforest.
[C] Minimum normal annual rainfall between 175 cm and 200 cm occurs in this climate region
[D] Rainforests are home to 90% of all the living animal and plant species on the planet

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195. If in a closed room , the door of a refrigerator is kept open for some time , the temperature of room will ?

[A] Increase
[B] Decrease
[C] Remains same
[D] First decrease then become stable

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196. At which among the following places is located the head office of International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems(ISME)?

[A] Manila, Philippines
[B] Jakarta, Indonesia
[C] Okinawa, Japan
[D] Chennai, India

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197. Forest Research Institute of India is located in

[A] Ghaziabad
[B] Dehradun
[C] Delhi
[D] Lucknow

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198. The Man Booker Prize or commonly called Booker Prize is given in which field?

[A] Sports
[B] Medicine
[C] Fiction writing
[D] Journalism

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199. World Bank Headquarters located at:

[A] Switzerland
[B] Washington DC
[C] New York
[D] Paris

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200. Who was first President of United States?

[A] George Washington
[B] John Adams
[C] Abraham Lincoln
[D] John F. Kennedy

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