MCQ Questions for Class 11 Sociology Chapter 3 Understanding Social Institutions with Answers

Question 1.
The economic system in which highly complex division of labour is present is the feature of
(a) modern societies
(b) simple societies
(c) globalization
(d) rural economy


Answer: (a) modern societies

Question 2.
‘The undisputed political rule of a state over a given territorial region’ is known as
(a) sovereignty
(b) democracy
(c) monarchy
(d) bureaucracy


Answer: (a) sovereignty

Question 3.
Functionalism believes that social institutions arise in response to the
(a) conflict among people
(b) discrimination
(c) needs of society
(d) inequality in society


Answer: (c) needs of society

Question 4.
The family in which person is married is known as
(a) family of procreation
(b) family of orientation
(c) nuclear family
(d) joint family


Answer: (a) family of procreation

Question 5.
In simple or pre-modern societies most of the people were engaged in
(a) industrial production
(b) agricultural production
(c) business
(d) minor work


Answer: (b) agricultural production

Question 6.
Identify the structure of the family where men exercise authority and dominance
(a) Patriarchy
(b) Matriarchy
(c) Polygamy
(d) Patrilineal


Answer: (a) Patriarchy

Question 7.
Religion is considered as
(a) profane
(b) a belief
(c) sacred
(d) custom


Answer: (c) sacred

Question 8.
The reason for the sudden decline in sex ratio can be attributed to
(a) Female foeticide
(b) Life expectancy rate
(c) Son preference
(d) Maternal mortality rate


Answer: (a) Female foeticide

Question 9.
The form of power considered legitimate is
(a) Authority
(b) Political Party
(c) Welfare State
(d) Sovereignty


Answer: (a) Authority

Question 10.
The concept of ‘sacred’ is related with
(a) everyday life
(b) profane
(c) supernatural
(d) power


Answer: (c) supernatural

Question 11.
Institution of Politics is concerned with the
(a) domination
(b) parliament
(c) distribution of power
(d) elections


Answer: (c) distribution of power

Question 12.
The focal point of industrial developments was
(a) cities
(b) rural areas
(c) factories
(d) market


Answer: (c) factories

Question 13.
The socially acknowledged and approved sexual union between two individuals is known as:
(a) Family
(b) Marriage
(c) Kinship
(d) Procreation


Answer: (b) Marriage


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