MCQ Questions for Class 11 Sociology Chapter 5 Doing Sociology: Research Methods with Answers

Question 1.
A guided conversation between the researcher and respondent is known as:
(a) Fieldwork
(b) Interview
(c) Questionnaire
(d) Survey


Answer: (b) Interview

Question 2.
‘A comprehensive survey covering every single member of a population’ is known as
(a) sample survey
(b) census
(c) random sampling
(d) genealogy


Answer: (b) census

Question 3.
A comprehensive survey covering every single member of the population is known as:
(a) Survey
(b) Participant observation
(c) Census
(d) Case study


Answer: (c) Census

Question 4.
The term ‘random’ suggests the selection
(a) without any system or design
(b) proper structure
(c) with large population
(d) with small selection


Answer: (a) without any system or design

Question 5.
‘Genealogy’ of the community was prepared during fieldwork. The word ‘genealogy’ denotes:
(a) making a family tree
(b) list of inherited diseases
(c) tribal community
(d) urban community


Answer: (a) making a family tree

Question 6.
The issue which can be studied through participant observation is
(a) market policy
(b) infant mortality
(c) divorce rate
(d) the day to day life of the community


Answer: (d) the day to day life of the community

Question 7.
The feature which is not common between questionnaire and interview is
(a) flexibility of questions
(b) use in a large universe
(c) use in survey method
(d) asking questions


Answer: (b) use in a large universe

Question 8.
In their principle of sample selection, the respondents are selected purely by chance:
(a) Randomization
(b) Stratification
(c) Probability
(d) Compartmentalization


Answer: (a) Randomization

Question 9.
In predicting the election results, the appropriate method of research would be
(a) non-participant observation
(b) participant observation
(c) survey
(d) case study


Answer: (c) survey

Question 10.
The book “The Golden Bough” was written by which famous anthropologist?
(a) James Frazer
(b) Malinowski
(c) William Foot Whyte
(d) Emile Durkheim


Answer: (a) James Frazer

Question 11.
The introduction of equipment like recorders frequently makes the respondent
(a) happy
(b) comfortable
(c) uneasy
(d) disappointed


Answer: (c) uneasy

Question 12.
‘Stratified Random Sample’ is more
(a) stratified
(b) representative
(c) purposive
(d) none of the above


Answer: (b) representative


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