Indian Polity & Constitution MCQs

Indian Polity & Constitution Objective / Multiple Choice (MCQs) Questions for Preparation of SSC-CGL, UPSC Civil Services, NDA, CDS, Railways and State Level Public Services Examinations of 2020-2021

11. The Supreme Court of India tenders legal advice to president of India when___?

[A] Cabinet recommends it
[B] Council of Minister recommends it
[C] President needs it
[D] Supreme Court wants to tender the advice

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12. How many members of Rajya Sabha are nominated by President of India?

[A] 2
[B] 10
[C] 12
[D] 15

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13. Which among the following has the power to legislate on the matters which are neither in the Union List, nor in the State list nor in the Concurrent list of the Constitution of India?

[A] Parliament
[B] State Legislatures
[C] Both State legislatures and Parliament
[D] Neither Parliament nor State legislature

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14. If the Government of a State fails to enforce the Directive principals of the state Policy, a citizen can move to which among the following courts to file a writ petition to get them enforced?

[A] No Court
[B] District Courts
[C] High Courts
[D] Supreme Court

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15. What is the maximum life of an ordinance promulgated by President?

[A] 6 months
[B] 7.5 months
[C] 12 months
[D] 15 months

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16. In which five year plan, the Panchayati Raj System was introduced in India for the first time?

[A] 1st
[B] 2nd
[C] 5th
[D] 6th

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17. Who appoints Chairman of UPSC?

[A] president
[B] Vice president
[C] Parliament
[D] Cabinet Committee on Appointments

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18. Who can remove a chief justice of Supreme Court ?

[A] Parliament by resolution
[B] Judges of supreme court by Majority
[C] President on a resolution by parliament
[D] President on his/ her own discretion

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19. Which schedule of the Indian Constitution divides the legislative powers between the Union and states?

[A] 6th schedule
[B] 7th schedule
[C] 8th schedule
[D] 9th schedule

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20. On which date Indian Constitution was finally signed by the members of the constituent assembly ?

[A] November 26, 1949
[B] January 24, 1950
[C] January 26, 1950
[D] January 24, 1949

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