Computer Awareness

51. What is the address given to each computer on the Internet known as?

[A] Hardware number
[B] Device address
[C] IP address
[D] NET address

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52. Which of these softwares is necessary to view web pages on the internet?

[A] Web mail
[B] Web Browser
[C] MS Office
[D] Flash Player

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53. What does UDP stand for?

[A] Uninterrupted Delivery Protocol
[B] User Destination Pairing
[C] Uninterrupted Data Parsing
[D] User Datagram Protocol

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54. Which of the following layer of the OSI model is used by the TCP for its operation?

[A] Network layer
[B] Transport layer
[C] Data Link layer
[D] Presentation layer

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55. Which of these protocols is used to login into a remote computer?

[A] Telnet

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56. Which of these was the first web browser to handle all HTML 3 features?

[A] Cello
[B] Erwise
[C] UdiWWW
[D] Mosaic

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57. Which of the following is the oldest web browser still in general use?

[A] Lynx
[B] Safari
[C] Internet Explorer
[D] Navigator

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58. When was Chrome web browser launched?

[A] 2005
[B] 2008
[C] 2011
[D] 2000

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59. Which of these is a server side scripting language?

[B] Javascript

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60. Which company has developed Pixel smartphone?

[A] Microsoft
[B] Google
[C] Apple
[D] Samsung

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