Computer Awareness

21. A device which is not connected to the CPU is known as which of the following?

[A] Land-line device
[B] On-line device
[C] Off-line device
[D] Device

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22. Which of the following devices is used for video games, flight simulators, training simulators and for controlling industrial robots?

[A] Mouse
[B] Light pen
[C] Joystick
[D] Keyboards

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23. Document reader and a light pen are classical examples of Which of the following?

[A] Reading devices
[B] Light devices
[C] Input devices
[D] Digital devices

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24. In MICR, Which of the following is the meaning of C ?

[A] Code
[B] Colour
[C] Computer
[D] Character

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25. Which of the following is the memory in CPU that holds program instructions, input data and the output information produced?

[A] System
[B] Primary Memory
[C] Secondary Memory
[D] None of the above

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26. What is the full form of ECC Memory?

[A] Error Correcting Code Memory
[B] Error Clearing Code Memory
[C] Electric Charged Code Memory
[D] None of the Above

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27. A spare monitor made by a different manufacturer than the original computer’s desktop will work when the original one breaks in any situation. Which feature of computer design concept makes this possible?

[A] Standardization
[B] Firmware
[C] Plug and play
[D] Componentization

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28. Which of the following is the storage device that uses rigid, permanently installed magnetic disks to store data ?

[A] Non-volatile Disk
[B] Permanent disk
[C] Optical disk
[D] Hard disk

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29. What is the full form of a PCI bus?

[A] Peripheral Computer Interconnect
[B] Peripheral Component Interconnect
[C] Passed Component Interconnect
[D] Phased Computer Interconnect

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30. Which of the following are the another names for a PEN Drive?

[A] USB Flash Drive
[B] Gig Stick
[C] Thumb Drive
[D] All of the Above

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