MCQ Questions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 2 Children at Work with Answers

Enhance your subject knowledge through Children at Work MCQ Online Test and lay a stronger foundation of your basics. Verify your answers with MCQ on Children at Work provided and know where you went wrong. Use the Objective Questions of Class 8th Children at Work MCQ with Answers provided below and understand all the concepts easily.

Read the following questions carefully and choose the right answer from the given alternatives:

Question 1.
What was the first food served to Velu by Jaya?
(a) An orange
(b) A banana
(c) An apple
(d) A cucumber


Answer: (b) A banana

Question 2.
Jaya’s hut was built-out of:
(a) metal sheet
(b) tires
(c) bricks
(d) all of them


Answer: (d) all of them

Question 3.
Where did the girl lead Velu to?
(a) To a hotel
(b) To a big garbage bin
(c) To a house
(d) To a shop


Answer: (b) To a big garbage bin

Question 4.
Which language could Velu read on the signboards?
(a) Only Tamil
(b) Tamil & English
(c) Only English
(d) He was illiterate


Answer: (a) Only Tamil

Question 5.
The girl was:
(a) a ticket checker
(b) a ragpicker
(c) a teacher
(d) from his village


Answer: (b) a ragpicker

Question 6.
What did he take with him?
(a) A shirt
(b) A comb
(c) A towel
(d) All of them


Answer: (d) All of them

Question 7.
Why did Velu run away from his house?
(a) His mother disliked him
(b) His brother irritated him
(c) His father beat him
(d) His friends made fun of him


Answer: (c) His father beat him

Question 8.
What did Jaya give to Velu at her home?
(a) A pair of old shoes
(b) An empty sack
(c) A stick
(d) All of the above


Answer: (d) All of the above

Question 9.
Where did the ragpickers sell the rubbish?
(a) To a market
(b) To Jam Bazaar Jaggu
(c) To Jaggu
(d) To a shop


Answer: (b) To Jam Bazaar Jaggu

Question 10.
What was the name of the girl?
(a) Maya
(b) Kaya
(c) Jaya
(d) Saya


Answer: (c) Jaya

Question 11.
‘Velu was soaked with sweat.’ It shows that the weather was very
(a) hot
(b) rainy
(c) average
(d) Cool


Answer: (a) hot

Question 12.
Where was the girl stuffing rags?
(a) Into her sack
(b) Into a bag
(c) Into a polythene
(d) Into a box


Answer: (a) Into her sack

Question 13.
Who met Velu on his way?
(a) A girl
(b) His brother
(c) A friend
(d) His mother


Answer: (a) A girl

Question 14.
When did Velu leave his house?
(a) Two days ago
(b) Three days ago
(c) Four days ago
(d) Five days ago


Answer: (a) Two days ago

Question 15.
How old was Velu?
(a) 10-year old
(b) 11-year old
(c) 12-year old
(d) 13-year old


Answer: (b) 11-year old



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