MCQ Questions for Class 7 English An Alien Hand Chapter 8 The Bear Story with Answers

Enhance your subject knowledge through The Bear Story MCQ Online Test and lay a stronger foundation of your basics. Verify your answers with MCQ on The Bear Story provided and know where you went wrong. Use the Objective Questions of Class 7th The Bear Story MCQ with Answers provided below and understand all the concepts easily.

Read the following questions carefully and choose the correct answer from the given alternatives:

Question 1.
Which fruit did the bear like the most?
(a) Orange
(b) Pear
(c) Apple
(d) Cherry


Answer: (c) Apple

Question 2.
Which day was bear put on the chain in the week?
(a) On everyday
(b) Never
(c) On Sunday
(d) On Monday


Answer: (c) On Sunday

Question 3.
Who was the caretaker of the bear?
(a) A farmer
(b) A cook
(c) The lady
(d) An old woman


Answer: (b) A cook

Question 4.
What was bear promised on her (lady’s) return?
(a) An apple
(b) A bread
(c) An orange
(d) A walk on foot


Answer: (a) An apple

Question 5.
Whom did the lady meet on the way?
(a) Her pet bear
(b) A jungle bear
(c) A lion
(d) A tiger


Answer: (a) Her pet bear

Question 6.
Where did the old lady live in a forest?
(a) In a hut
(b) In a decent house
(c) In an old manor house
(d) In a cave


Answer: (c) In an old manor house

Question 7.
What did the lady have as a pet?
(a) House
(b) Bear
(c) Dog
(d) Sheep


Answer: (b) Bear

Question 8.
Where did the lady find the bear cub?
(a) In the forest
(b) In a hut
(c) In a cave
(d) Near the pond


Answer: (a) In the forest

Question 9.
The bear was very ………….
(a) cunning
(b) selfish
(c) cruel
(d) friendly


Answer: (d) friendly

Question 10.
How many dogs were the bear’s playmates?
(a) One
(b) Three
(c) Two
(d) Four


Answer: (b) Three



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