MCQ Questions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 5 Tansen with Answers

Enhance your subject knowledge through Tansen MCQ Online Test and lay a stronger foundation of your basics. Verify your answers with MCQ on Tansen provided and know where you went wrong. Use the Objective Questions of Class 6th Tansen MCQ with Answers provided below and understand all the concepts easily.

Read the following questions carefully and choose the correct answer from the given alternatives:

Question 1.
What was the name of Tansen’s wife?
(a) Zaheera
(b) Zubeda
(c) Hussaini
(d) Rupvati


Answer: (c) Hussaini

Question 2.
How many children did Tansen have?
(a) four
(b) five
(c) six
(d) seven


Answer: (b) five

Question 3.
When did Tansen go to Akbar’s court?
(a) 1556
(b) 1546
(c) 1256
(d) 1558


Answer: (a) 1556

Question 4.
Who insisted Tansen to sing Raga Deepak before Akbar?
(a) Azam Khan
(b) Shokat Ali
(c) Liyakat Ali
(d) Shaukat Mian


Answer: (d) Shaukat Mian

Question 5.
What was the name of Tansen’s daughter?
(a) Hussaini
(b) Saraswati
(c) Rupvati
(d) Ragini


Answer: (b) Saraswati

Question 6.
Who sang Raga Megh to save Tansen’s life?
(a) Saraswati and Rupvati
(b) Saraswati and Husssaini
(c) Hussaini and Rupvati
(d) none of these


Answer: (a) Saraswati and Rupvati

Question 7.
What was the affect of Raga Deepak?
(a) leaves dried up
(b) birds fell dead
(c) water began to boil
(d) all of these


Answer: (d) all of these

Question 8.
When did Tansen breathe his last?
(a) 1556
(b) 1585
(c) 1595
(d) 1565


Answer: (b) 1585

Question 9.
Where is Tansen’s Tomb?
(a) Gwalior
(b) Udaipur
(c) Lucknow
(d) Jaipur


Answer: (a) Gwalior

Question 10.
Who was Tansen?
(a) the greatest musician
(b) a minister
(c) the great magician
(d) a guard


Answer: (a) the greatest musician

Question 11.
What was Tansen’s father’s occupation?
(a) a lawyer
(b) a singer
(c) a sepoy
(d) an army man


Answer: (b) a singer

Question 12.
Where did Tansen and his family live?
(a) Patna
(b) Gwalior
(c) Lucknow
(d) Udaipur


Answer: (c) Lucknow

Question 13.
Whom did Tansen meet in the jungle?
(a) Swami Ramdas
(b) Swami Das
(c) Swami Haridas
(d) Swami Rishidas


Answer: (d) Swami Rishidas

Question 14.
How old was Tansen when he went away with Swami Haridas?
(a) Eight
(b) Nine
(c) Ten
(d) Twelve


Answer: (c) Ten

Question 15.
For how many years did Tansen live with Swami Haridas?
(a) Nine
(b) Eleven
(c) Ten
(d) Twelve


Answer: (b) Eleven



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