MCQ Questions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose with Answers

Enhance your subject knowledge through The Friendly Mongoose MCQ Online Test and lay a stronger foundation of your basics. Verify your answers with MCQ on The Friendly Mongoose provided and know where you went wrong. Use the Objective Questions of Class 6th The Friendly Mongoose MCQ with Answers provided below and understand all the concepts easily.

Read the following questions carefully and choose the correct answer from the given alternatives:

Question 1.
Where did the farmer go?
(a) to the temple
(b) to the market
(c) to a shop
(d) to his fields


Answer: (d) to his fields

Question 2.
What did the farmer’s wife bring from the market?
(a) basket full of groceries
(b) basket full of fruits
(c) basket full of vegetables
(d) none of these


Answer: (a) basket full of groceries

Question 3.
What did the farmer’s wife see?
(а) her son lying in a pool of blood
(b) mongoose face was smeared with blood
(c) the farmer fighting with mongoose
(d) none of these


Answer: (b) mongoose face was smeared with blood

Question 4.
Whose face and paws were smeared with blood?
(a) mongoose
(b) snake
(c) neighbour
(d) none of these


Answer: (a) mongoose

Question 5.
What did the farmer’s wife see inside the house?
(a) a mongoose
(b) a black snake
(c) a neighbour
(d) the farmer


Answer: (b) a black snake

Question 6.
Who saved her son from the deadly snake?
(a) neighbour
(b) farmer
(c) mongoose
(d) farmers’s wife


Answer: (c) mongoose

Question 7.
The story is taken from …………
(a) The Grandpa’s Tales
(b) The panchatantra
(c) Dada-Dadi Ki Kahaniya
(d) none of these


Answer: (b) The panchatantra

Question 8.
Where did the farmer and his family live?
(a) in a village
(b) in a palace
(c) in a town
(d) in a city


Answer: (a) in a village

Question 9.
What kind of pet did the farmer bring home?
(a) a little puppy
(b) a little kitten
(c) a little mongoose
(d) a little hare


Answer: (c) a little mongoose

Question 10.
In how many months had the mongoose grown to its full size?
(a) in two or three months
(b) three or four months
(c) in four or five months
(d) in five or six months


Answer: (d) in five or six months

Question 11.
Where did the farmer’s wife want to go?
(a) to the temple
(b) to the market
(c) to her neighbour’s house
(d) nowhere


Answer: (b) to the market

Question 12.
Who was afraid of leaving the baby alone with the pet.
(a) farmer
(b) farmer’s brother
(c) farmer’s wife
(d) farmer’s cousin


Answer: (c) farmer’s wife

Question 13.
Who said, “The mongoose is a friendly animal”?
(a) farmer’s wife
(b) farmer
(c) farmer’s friend
(d) the shopkeeper


Answer: (b) farmer



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