MCQ Questions for Class 12 Political Science Chapter 9 Globalisation with Answers

Question 11.
Is 21st century the age of globalisation?


Answer: Yes, 21st century is the age of globalisation.

Question 12.
Mention one feature of globalisation.
Answer: Global economy is an important feature of globalisation.


Question 13.
Write one advantage of globalisation.
Answer: Globalisation has promoted universal brotherhood and sharing of joys and pains.

Question 14.
When was the First World Social Forum meeting organised?


Answer: The 1irt World Socù4i l1,rinì meeting was orgamsed in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 2001.

Question 15.
When the new economic policy was adopted in India?


Answer: The new economic policy was adopted in 1911

Question 16.
State the full form of WSF.


Answer: World Social Forum.

Question 17.
State the full form of WTO.


Answer: World Trade Organisation

Question 18.
Write one problem of globalisation.


Answer: Globalisation has increased the diseases like HIV/AIDS, bird flu. swine etc.

Question 19.
Write one negative aspect of globalization.


Answer: Globalisation has adversely affected the sovereignty of the nation-state.

Question 20.
Where the fourth meeting of WSF was held?


Answer: The fourth WSF meeting was held in Munihai (India) in 2004.


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