MCQ Questions for Class 12 History Chapter 7 An Imperial Capital: Vijayanagara with Answers

Question 1.
Another name of Vijayanagara city was
(a) Fatehpur Sikri
(b) Hampi
(c) Hastinapur
(d) Nagalparam


Answer: (b) Hampi

Question 2.
When was the Vijayanagara kingdom established?
(a) 1336
(b) 1340
(c) 1346
(d) 1350


Answer: (a) 1336

Question 3.
Who established the Vijayanagara Kingdom?
(a) Hasan Gangu
(b) Prantak I
(c) Harihara and Bukka
(d) Krishadeva Raya


Answer: (c) Harihara and Bukka

Question 4.
The first dynasty that ruled over Vijayanagara Empire was
(a) Suluva dynasty
(b) Sangarna dynasty
(c) Tuluva dynasty
(d) Aravidu dynasty


Answer: (b) Sangama dynasty

Question 5.
Local Goddess of Vijayanagara was
(a) Parvati
(b) Durga
(c) Pampadevi
(d) Laxmi


Answer: (c) Pampadevi

Question 6.
Which of these rivers was the major source of water for Vijayanagara
(a) Kaveri
(b) Krishna
(c) Tungabhadra
(d) Mahanadi


Answer: (c) Tunga Bhadra

Question 7.
When was Hampi declared as of the place of national importance?
(a) 1976
(b) 1980
(c) 1982
(d) 1986


Answer: (a) 1976

Question 8.
The battle of Talikot.a was fought between organisation of Deccan sultans and ________
(a) Krishna Eleva Raya
(b) Rueca Raya
(c) Sadashiva Raya
(d Rama Raya


Answer: (c) Sadashiva Raya

Question 9.
Choose the correct option:
Which of the following dynasties ruled Vijayanagara?
(a) Sangam dynasty
(b) Saluva dynasty
(c) Tuluva dynasty
(d) All of these


Answer: (d) All of these

Question 10.
Find out which one of the following is not correctly matched:
(a) Amara-Nayaka System – Vijayanagara Empire
(b) Harihara and Bukka – Founded Vijayanagara
(e) Mahanavami Dibba – King’s palace
(d) Hazara Rama Temple – New Delhi


Answer: (d) Hazara Rama Temple – New Delhi


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