MCQ Questions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 9 Planning and Sustainable Development in Indian Context with Answers

Question 1.
When did the Tenth Five Year Plan come to an end?
(A) 2005
(B) 2006
(C) 2007
(D) 2008


Answer: (C) 2007

Question 2.
In which state in Bharmaur Tribal Region situated?
(A) Uttarakhand
(B) Jammu & Kashmir
(C) Himachal Pradesh
(D) Uttar Pradesh


Answer: (C) Himachal Pradesh

Question 3.
On which factor does the economic development of a region depends?
(A) Relief
(B) Climate
(C) Population
(D) Resources


Answer: (D) Resources

Question 4.
What should be the height of an area in the hill area development programme?
(A) 500 metres
(B) 600 metres
(C) 700 metres
(D) 800 metres


Answer: (B) 600 meters

Question 5.
In how many districts, drought-prone area are identified:
(A) 47
(B) 57
(C) 67
(D) 77


Answer: (C) 67

Question 6.
Which is the main river in the Bharmaur region?
(A) Chenab
(B) Beas
(C) Satluj
(D) Ravi


Answer: (D) Ravi

Question 7.
Which tribe lives in the Bharmaur region?
(A) Bhatia
(B) Gaddi
(C) Marria
(D) Bhil


Answer: (B) Gaddi

Question 8.
What is the female literacy rate in the Bharmaur region?
(A) 32%
(B) 35%
(C) 40%
(D) 42%


Answer: (D) 42%

Question 9.
Who wrote the ‘Our Common Future’ report?
(A) Bruntland
(B) Medas
(C) Aharlich


Answer: (A) Bruntland

Question 10.
From which Barrage, Indira Canal has been taken out?
(A) Bhakra
(B) Nangal
(C) Harike
(D) Thein


Answer: (C) Harike

Question 11.
Regional planning relates to:
(A) Development of various sectors of the economy
(B) Area-specific approach of development
(C) Area differences in the transportation network
(D) Development of rural areas.


Answer: (B) Area-specific approach of development

Question 12.
ITDP refers to which one of the following?
(A) Integrated Tourism Development Programme
(B) Integrated Travel Development Programme
(C) Integrated Tribal Development Programme
(D) Integrated Transport Development Programme.


Answer: (C) Integrated Tribal Development Programme

Question 13.
Which one of the following is the most crucial factor for sustainable development in Indira Gandhi Canal Command Area?
(A) Agricultural development
(B) Eco-development
(C) Transport development
(D) Colonisation of land.


Answer: (A) Agricultural development


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