MCQ Questions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 5 Primary Activities with Answers

Question 1.
Which one of the following is not a plantation crop?
(A) Coffee
(B) Sugarcane
(C) Wheat
(D) Rubber


Answer: (C) Wheat

Question 2.
In which one of the following countries co-operative farming was the most successful experiment?
(A) Russia
(B) Denmark
(C) India
(D) The Netherlands


Answer: (B) Denmark

Question 3.
Growing of flowers is called:
(A) Truck farming
(B) Factory farming
(C) Mixed farming
(D) Floriculture


Answer: (D) Floriculture

Question 4.
Which one of the following types of cultivation was developed by European colonists?
(A) Kolkoz
(B) Viticulture
(C) Mixed farming
(D) Plantation


Answer: (D) Plantation

Question 5.
In which one of the following regions is extensive commercial grain cultivation not practised?
(A) American Canadian prairies
(B) European Steppes
(C) Pampas of Argentina
(D) Amazon Basin.


Answer: (D) Amazon Basin.

Question 6.
In which of the following types of agriculture is the farming of citrus fruit very important?
(A) Market gardening
(B) Plantation agriculture
(C) Mediterranean agriculture
(D) Co-operative farming.


Answer: (C) Mediterranean agriculture.

Question 7.
Which one type of agriculture amongst the following is also called ‘slash and bum agriculture’?
(A) Extensive subsistence agriculture
(B) Primitive subsistence agriculture
(C) Extensive commercial grain cultivation
(D) Mixed farming.


Answer: (B) Primitive subsistence agriculture.

Question 8.
Which one of the following does not follow monoculture?
(A) Dairy farming
(B) Mixed farming
(C) Plantation agriculture
(D) Commercial grain farming.


Answer: (B) Mixed farming.

Question 9.
Which is the oldest activity of man?
(A) Fishing
(B) Gathering
(C) Farming
(D) Manufacturing


Answer: (B) Gathering

Question 10.
The gathering is practised in:
(A) Amazon Basin
(B) Ganga Basin
(C) Hwang Ho Basin
(D) Nile Basin.


Answer: (A) Amazon Basin

Question 11.
Bark of Cinchona tree is used for making:
(A) Rubber
(B) Tamin
(C) Quinine
(D) Gum


Answer: (C) Quinine

Question 12.
Which of the tribes practise Transhumance?
(A) Pygmies
(B) Red Indians
(C) Bakarwals
(D) Masai


Answer: (C) Bakarwals

Question 13.
Fazendas are used for growing:
(A) Tea
(B) Coffee
(C) Cocoa
(D) Sugarcane


Answer: (B) Coffee

Question 14.
Denmark is known for:
(A) Mixed farming
(B) Cattle rearing
(C) Dairy farming
(D) Grain farming


Answer: (C) Dairy farming


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