MCQ Questions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 3 Population Composition with Answers

Question 1.
Which attribute does not distinguish people?
(A) Age
(B) Sex
(C) Occupation
(D) Industries


Answer: (D) Industries

Question 2.
The average world sex ratio is:
(A) 970
(B) 980
(C) 990
(D) 995


Answer: (C) 990

Question 3.
The lowest sex ratio is found in:
(A) Egypt
(B) Qatar
(C) Kuwait
(D) Iran


Answer: (B) Qatar

Question 4.
Favourable sex ratio is found in how many countries.
(A) 109
(B) 119
(C) 129
(D) 139


Answer: (D) 139

Question 5.
In how many countries, unfavourable sex ratio is found?
(A) 52
(B) 62
(C) 72
(D) 82


Answer: (C) 72

Question 6.
In European countries, a deficit of males is due to:
(A) Low Birth Rate
(B) High Death Rate
(C) Better status of women
(D) Better status of men


Answer: (C) Better status of women

Question 7.
In which continent, low sex ratio is found:
(A) Europe
(B) Asia
(C) North America
(D) Australia


Answer: (B) Asia

Question 8.
The aging population has aged more than:
(A) 40 years
(B) 45 years
(C) 50 years
(D) 60 years


Answer: (D) 60 years

Question 9.
Expanding population Pyranrd Shows.
(A) Wide Base
(B) Narrow Base
(C) Developed economy
(D) Uniform width.


Answer: (A) Wide Base

Question 10.
Which type of age-sex pyramid is of Australia?
(A) Expanding
(B) Constant
(C) Declining
(D) Negative


Answer: (B) Constant

Question 11.
Which one of the following has caused the sex ratio of the United Arab Emirates to be low.
(A) Selective migration of working population
(B) High birth rate of males
(C) Low birth rate of females
(D) High out-migration of females.


Answer: (D) High out-migration of females.

Question 12.
Which one of the following figures represents the working-age group of the population?
(A) 15 to 65 years
(B) 15 to 66 years
(C) 15 to 64 years
(D) 15 to 59 years.


Answer: (D) 15 to 59 years.

Question 13.
Which one of the following countries has the highest sex ratio in the world?
(A) Latvia
(B) Japan
(C) the United Arab Emirates
(D) France.


Answer: (A) Latvia


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