MCQ Questions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 2 The World Population: Distribution, Density and Growth with Answers

Question 1.
What was world population at the beginning of the 21st century?
(A) 4 billion
(B) 6 billion
(C) 8 billion
(D) 10 billion


Answer: (B) 6 billion

Question 2.
What is the present growth rate of population in the world?
(A) 1.0%
(B) 1.2%
(C) 1.4%
(D) 1.6%


Answer: (B) 1.2%

Question 3.
How many times The world population has increased during the last 500 years?
(A) 4
(B) 6
(C) 8
(D) 10


Answer: (D) 10

Question 4.
What is the average density of the world population? (per sq. km.)
(A) 31
(B) 35
(C) 38
(D) 54


Answer: (D) 54

Question 5.
Which country has the highest density of population?
(A) China
(B) India
(C) Singapore
(D) Indonesia


Answer: (C) Singapore

Question 6.
Which continent has the highest growth rate of the population?
(A) Asia
(B) Africa
(C) Europe
(D) Australia


Answer: (B) Africa

Question 7.
What was the world population at the time of the Industrial Revolution?
(A) 30 crore
(B) 40 crore
(C) 50 crore
(D) 60 crore


Answer: (C) 50 crore

Question 8.
Which is the most populated country?
(A) China
(B) India
(C) Russia
(D) Germany


Answer: (A) China

Question 9.
How many people are added to the world population every year?
(A) 6 crore
(B) 7 crore
(C) 8 crore
(D) 10 crore


Answer: (C) 8 crore

Question 10.
The ten most populated countries have a world population:
(A) 50%
(B) 60%
(C) 70%
(D) 80%


Answer: (B) 60%

Question 11.
Which one of the following continents has the highest growth of population:
(A) Africa
(B) South America
(C) Asia
(D) North America.


Answer: (A) Africa

Question 12.
Which one of the following is not an area of the sparse population?
(A) The Atacama
(B) Equatorial Region
(C) South-East Asia
(D) Polar Regions.


Answer: (C) South-East Asia

Question 13.
Which of the following is not a push factor:
(A) Water shortage
(B) Unemployment
(C) Medical/Educational facilities
(D) Epidemics.


Answer: (C) Medical/Educational facilities.

Question 14.
Which one of the following is not a fact?
(A) Human population increased more than ten times during the past 500 years
(B) Nearly 80 million people are added to the world population each year
(C) It took 100 years for the population to rise from five billion to six billion
(D) Population growth is high in the first stage of demographic transition.


Answer: (C) It took 100 years for the population to rise from five billion to six billion.


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