MCQ Questions for Class 12 Geography Chapter 1 Human Geography: Nature and Scope with Answers

Choose the right answer from the four alternatives given below:

Question 1.
Which one of the following statements does not describe Geography?
(A) An integrative discipline.
(B) Study of the inter-relationship between humans and environment.
(C) Subjected to dualism.
(D) Not relevant in the present time due to the development of technology.


Answer: (D) Not relevant in the present time due to the development of technology.

Question 2.
Which one of the following is not a source of geographical information?
(A) traveller’s accounts
(B) old maps
(C) samples of rock materials from the moon
(D) ancient epics.


Answer: (D) Ancient epics.

Question 3.
Which one of the following is the most important factor in the interaction between people and the environment?
(A) human intelligence
(B) people’s perception
(C) technology
(D) human brotherhood.


Answer: (D) Human Brotherhood.

Question 4.
Which one of the following is not an approach in human geography?
(A) Areal differentiation
(B) Spatial organisation
(C) Quantitative revolution
(D) Exploration and description.


Answer: (D) Exploration and description.

Question 5.
To which country does Ellen C. Semple belong?
(A) U.S.A
(B) France
(C) Germany
(D) England.


Answer: (A) U.S.A

Question 6.
Which geographer out of the following belongs to France?
(A) Huntigton
(B) Vidal de la Blache
(C) Semple
(D) Trewartha


Answer: (B) Vidal de la Blache

Question 7.
Which branch of geography does not belong to Human Geography?
(A) Population Geography
(B) Economic Geography
(C) Physical Geography
(D) Social Geography


Answer: (C) Physical Geography

Question 8.
Which approach was supported by Vidal de la Blache?
(A) Determinism
(B) Possibilism
(C) Humanism
(D) Welfare approach.


Answer: (B) Possibilism

Question 9.
Which element is not a part of the physical environment?
(A) Climate
(B) Relief
(C) Agriculture
(D) Water


Answer: (C) Agriculture

Question 10.
Who proposed the concept of Neodeterminism?
(A) Griffith Taylor
(B) Blache
(C) Huntington
(D) Ritter


Answer: (A) Griffith Taylor

Question 11.
Which subject is called mother discipline?
(A) Geography
(B) Economics
(C) History
(D) Political Science.


Answer: (A) Geography

Question 12.
Which element is not a part of the cultural environment?
(A) Villages
(B) Towns
(C) Ports
(D) Climate


Answer: (D) Climate

Question 13.
Which concept helped to discover fire?
(A) Gravity
(B) Friction
(D) Dynamics


Answer: (B) Friction

Question 14.
Which element is called ‘Mother Nature’ ?
(A) Physical Environment
(B) Cultural Environment
(C) Political Environment
(D) Industrial Environment


Answer: (A) Physical Environment


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