MCQ Questions for Class 12 Biology Chapter 9 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production with Answers

Question 1.
Zoological name of Indian buffalo is:
(a) Bubalus bubalus
(b) Bos indicus
(c) Bos taurus
(d) Gallusgallus


Answer: (a) Bubalus bubalus

Question 2.
The best milk breed in the world is:
(a) Chittgong
(b) Deoni
(c) Holstein-Friesian
(d) Sindhi


Answer: (c) Holstein-Friesian

Question 3.
There crops that contribute maximum to global food grain production are :
(a) Wheat, rice and maize
(b) Wheat rice and barley
(c) Wheat, maize and sorghum
(d) Rice, maize and sorghum


Answer: (a) Wheat, rice and maize

Question 4.
The world’s highly prized wool yielding ‘Pashmina’ breed is :
(a) Sheep
(b) Goat
(c) Goat-sheep cross
(d) Mashmir sheep-Afghan sheep cross


Answer: (b) Goat

Question 5.
Both in callus and suspension culture commonly used auxin is:
(a) NAA
(b) IEA
(c) 2-4D
(d) Abscisic acid


Answer: (c) 2-4D

Question 6.
Somatic hybridization can be done by:
(a) By Protoplast fusion
(b) By Haploid anther
(c) By Cell culture
(d) By Totipotency


Answer: (a) By Protoplast fusion

Question 7.
India’s w heat yield revolution in the 1986s was possible primarily due to:
(a) Mutations resulting in the plant height reduction
(b) Quantitative trait mutations
(c) Hybrid seeds
(d) Increased chlorophyll content


Answer: (c) Hybrid seeds

Question 8.
One of the following is a disease of poultry:
(a) Anthrax
(b) Pebrine disease
(c) Ranikhet disease
(d) Foot and mouth disease


Answer: (c) Ranikhet disease

Question 9.
Choose the cat fish from the following:
(a) Katla Katla
(b) Wallage attu
(c) Labeo rohita
(d) Cirrhinus mrigaja


Answer: (b) Wallage attu

Question 10.
The technique of obtaining large number of plantlets by tissue culture method is called :
(a) Organ culture
(b) Micro-propagation
(c) Macro-propagation
(d) Plantlet culture


Answer: (b) Micro-propagation

Question 11.
Most cultivated plants are:
(a) Autopolyploid
(b) Allopolyploid
(c) Aneuploids
(d) Haploids


Answer: (b) Allopolyploid

Question 12.
Triticale first main-made corral crop has been obtained by crossing wheat with
(a) Rye
(b) Pearl mille
(c) Sugarcane
(d) Barley


Answer: (a) Rye

Question 13.
Most nutritious among the following is:
(a) What
(b) Maize
(c) Pearley
(d) Rice


Answer: (c) Pearley

Question 14.
Hybrid vagour is induced by:
(a) By Clonal selection
(b) By Crossing of plant
(c) By crossing of two plants
(d) By Species differentiation


Answer: (c) By crossing of two plants

Question 15.
Norman Borlaugh known as “Father of Green Revolution” has developed new cultivating variety of:
(a) Paddy
(b) Rice
(c) Wheat
(d) Sugarcane


Answer: (c) Wheat


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