Indian Economy MCQs

Indian Economy Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on Indian Economy for competitive examinations.

11. In how many districts NREGA was launched initially ?

[A] 50 districts
[B] 100 districts
[C] 150 districts
[D] 200 districts

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12. In which year NABARD incepted the scheme of Rural Infrastructure Development Fund for providing soft loans to States for Rural development?

[A] 1991
[B] 1994
[C] 1997
[D] 1999

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13. Bring out the only wrong statement :

[A] Oil India Ltd was incorporated in collaboration with Burmah Oil Company
[B] Till Independence, Assam was the only oil producing state in India
[C] Mumbai High are the richest oil fields in the country
[D] All are correct

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14. In context with the currency management in India the responsibility for coinage vests with which of the following?

[A] Government of India
[B] Reserve Bank of India
[C] Currency Chests
[D] Commercial Banks

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15. On which birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, NREGA was renamed as MNREGA by Cabinet of India?

[A] 125th
[B] 130th
[C] 135th
[D] 140th

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16. Which among the following is the most abundant human resource in India?

[A] High Skilled Labor in Organized Sector
[B] High Skilled Labor in Unorganized Sector
[C] Low skilled Labor in Organized sector
[D] Low skilled Labor in Unorganized sector

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17. Kirit Parikh committee was related to which of the following?

[A] Gurjars Reservation Issue in Rajasthan
[B] Oil & Petroleum Import Policy
[C] Oil Price Reforms
[D] Commodity Exchange Regulations

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18. Who among the following was the first Deputy Chairman of the Planning commission ?

[A] V.T. Krishnamachari
[B] C.M. Trivedi
[C] Gulzari Lal Nanda
[D] Ashok Mehta

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19. Which among the following is one among the five indicators used by the United Nations Development Programme in its annual Human Development Report for Gender related standard of living?

[A] Gender Development Index
[B] Gender Empowerment Index
[C] Gender Empowerment Measure
[D] Gender Parity Index

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20. The unemployment of a person when he/ she is in midst of transiting between jobs, searching for new job comes under the which of the following category?

[A] Cyclical
[B] Voluntary
[C] Frictional
[D] Seasonal

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