GK Questions (Static GK/GS)


1. The Farakka Barrage issue is an issue between India and Bangladesh, related to distribution of water of which among the following rivers?

[A] Ganga
[B] Brahmputra
[C] Teesta
[D] Damodar

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2. One of the incarnations of Vishnu is represented in art as raising the Earth from the Ocean. Identify Him from the given options:

[A] Kumara
[B] Varaha
[C] Matsya
[D] Nrisingha

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3. The Commonwealth Games started from which among the following countries?

[A] England
[B] Australia
[C] Canada
[D] India

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4. Who among the following were the first to establish ” Printing Press” in India?

[A] British
[B] Portuguese
[C] Dutch
[D] French

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5. Which among the following sentences is / are NOT correct ?

[A] The first amendment to the constitution was effected in 1951
[B] Originally Indian constitution had 22 parts, 395 articles and 8 schedules
[C] The first meeting of the constituent assembly was held on 9th December 1946
[D] All are correct

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6. CBI Academy is located at:

[A] Ghaziabad
[B] Kolkata
[C] Mumbai
[D] Chennai

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7. Which of the following National Park is called “Topslip”?

[A] Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park
[B] Mudumalai National Park
[C] Mukurthi National Park
[D] Palani Hills National Park

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8. Dodo or Raphus cucullatus, a flightless bird which got extinct in the 17th century was endemic to which among the following countries?

[A] Sri Lanka
[B] Mauritius
[C] Maldives
[D] India

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9. Which of the following is correct about Potassium sodium tartrate tetrahydrate?

[A] It is also known as Globular’s salt
[B] It is known to exhibit piezoelectricity
[C] Both a and b
[D] None of the above

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10. The design of Bharat Ratna is look alike of which tree’s leaves?

[A] Peepal
[B] Hibiscus
[C] Banyan
[D] Coconut

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