GK Questions (Static GK/GS)


1. Who is the author of “Divine Comedy”?

[A] Goethe
[B] Milton
[C] Dante
[D] Shakespeare

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2. Which among the following is a correct order of the dynasties of Delhi Sultanate?

[A] Tuglaq →Khilji →Slave→Lodhi
[B] Slave→ Lodhi →Khilji →Tuglaq
[C] Slave→ Khilji →Tuglaq →Lodhi
[D] Slave→ Tuglaq →Khilji →Lodhi

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3. Which of the following Mughal Emperors was known as Firdaus Manzil?

[A] Mohammad Shah Rangila
[B] Shah Alam II
[C] Farrukhsiyar
[D] Rafi ul Darjat

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4. Which among the following articles helped the Madarsas in India to remain out of purview of the Right to Education Act?

[A] Article 26
[B] Article 27
[C] Article 28
[D] Article 30

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5. A person has a Locker in a Bank. In this question the following statement holds correct:

[A] Bank is trustee and person is beneficiary
[B] Bank is Lessee and person is lessor
[C] Bank is lessor and person is lessee
[D] Bank is issuer and person is beneficiary

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6. The Ancestors of Maharaja Ranjit Singh were from which among the following Misals?

[A] The Karora Singh Misal
[B] The Shahid and Nishang Misal
[C] The Phulikian Misal
[D] The Shukarchakia Misal

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7. The provision for having a Finance Commission to sort out the revenue-sharing arrangement between states and the Centre is part of the Constitution under which among the following articles?

[A] Article 275
[B] Article 280
[C] Article 282
[D] Article 285

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8. What do we call the reactions in which there is an exchange of ions between the reactants?

[A] Double Displacement reaction
[B] Decomposition reaction
[C] Displacement reaction
[D] Combination reaction

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9. Choose the correct statement about the modern periodic table:

[A] Elements in any one group contain the same number of valence electrons
[B] Elements in any one period contain the same number of shells
[C] Both a and b
[D] None

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10. Which of the following kings was the first to use rockets in warfare?

[A] Hyder Ali
[B] Shah Jahan
[C] Jehangir
[D] Tipu Sultan

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