Banking Awareness – 2020 for IBPS, RBI, SBI, NABARD and other Bank Examinations

81. Which of the following is the core investment company having total assets of not less than ₹100 crore?

[A] Systemically Important Core Investment Company
[B] Infrastructure Debt Fund
[C] Infrastructure Finance Company

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82. Infrastructure debt funds are sponsored by which of the following?

[C] Cooperative society

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83. Which of the following statements is true regarding Ombudsman Scheme for NBFC?

[A] Section 45L of the RBI Act, 1934 confers powers on RBI to notify such scheme
[B] NBFCs having customer interface, with assets size of one billion rupees or above are eligible to be
[C] The scheme is initially being introduced at the four metro centers
[D] All of the above

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84. Which of the following is true regarding NBFC?

[A] NBFC provides banking services to people without holding bank license
[B] NBFC can accept demand deposits
[C] NBFC is a part of payment and settlement
[D] NBFC can issue checks drawn on itself

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85. How much percent of foreign investment is allowed for NBFC?

[A] 50%
[B] 25%
[C] 100%
[D] 0%

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86. Financial services offered financing risk project to provide which of the following?

[A] Seed capital
[B] Venture capital
[C] Primary fund
[D] Secondary fund

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87. Financial service companies excludes which of the following?

[A] Commercial banks
[B] Insurance companies
[C] Crepitating agencies
[D] Sole proprietorship

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88. Which of the following is not a fee‐based financial service?

[A] Corporate counseling
[B] Profit management
[C] Lease financing
[D] Issue management

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89. Formal merchant banking activity in India was originated in which of the following years?

[A] 1978
[B] 1969
[C] 1769
[D] 1987

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90. State Bank of India started merchant banking in whichof the following years?

[A] 1974
[B] 1978
[C] 1973
[D] 1980

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