Ancient Indian History Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on ancient Indian History for General Studies and GK preparation of SSC, NDA, CDS, UPSC, UPPSC and State PSC Examinations.

61. The Taxila or Takshashila was located between following two rivers ?

[A] Indus & Jhelum
[B] Jhelum & Chenab
[C] Chenab & Ravi
[D] Chenab & Beas

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62. The three sangams were organized under the chairmanship of which of the following?

[A] Rishi Agastya, Nakkirar, Rishi Agastya
[B] Rishi Agastya, Rishi Agastya & Nakkirar
[C] Nakkirar,Rishi Agastya, Rishi Agastya
[D] None of the above

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63. Which among the following is Incorrect regarding the early Vedic religion?

[A] They didn’t believe in Idol worship and believed in one supreme god indeed
[B] The Vedic god were classified into three categories- Terrestrial , Atmospheric and Celestial
[C] The people used to worship of spiritual reasons
[D] None of the above

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64. Amarsimha whose work Amarkosha is related to which of the following ?

[A] Poetry
[B] Lexicography
[C] Grammar
[D] wars

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65. Who among the following is seemed to have known the importance of zero?

[A] Bhaskaracharya
[B] Aryabhatta
[C] Budhayana
[D] chanukya

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66. Which among the following has been used in the sculptures of Mathura school of Art?

[A] Red Sandstone
[B] Marble
[C] Granite
[D] Clay

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67. Who among the following belonged to Sakya clan of Kshatriyas?

[A] Gautam Buddha
[B] Mahavir jain
[C] Chandragupta Maurya
[D] Rishabhnath

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68. Who among the following granted permission to Buddhist King of Ceylon Meghavarman to build a Monastery at Bodh Gaya?

[A] Chandra gupta Virkramaditya
[B] Samudra Gupta
[C] Skand Gupta
[D] Kumara Gupta

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69. Preservation of the genealogies of the gods, Risis and famous kings, is the duty of the Sutas or bards. Which among the following says this ?

[A] Vishnu Puran
[B] Vayu Puran
[C] Skand Puran
[D] Skand Puran

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70. What is Ettuthokai?

[A] A dynasty during sangam era
[B] A collection of poems
[C] A series of sports plays during Sangam Era
[D] A writing tool during sangam Era

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