Ancient Indian History Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions (MCQs) on ancient Indian History for General Studies and GK preparation of SSC, NDA, CDS, UPSC, UPPSC and State PSC Examinations.

21. Which rock edict gives information about Asoka’s conversion to Buddhism?

[A] Bhabru rock edict
[B] Kalinga rock edict
[C] Tarai rock edict
[D] Barabar cave rock edict

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22. Which among the following is known as the earliest example of Panchayatana style of temple?

[A] Dashavatara temple at Deogarh
[B] Temple at Pathari
[C] Shatrughneshwara temple at Bhubaneshwar
[D] Lakshmana temple at Sirpur

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23. At which among the following places, the Dharma-Chakra Jina Vihara was constructed by Gahadavala Queen Kumaradevi?

[A] Bodha Gaya
[B] Rajgrih
[C] Kushinagar
[D] Sarnath

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24. Vidhushaka, a common character in Sanskrit drama is ___?

[A] Brahmana
[B] Kshatriya
[C] Vaishya
[D] Shudra

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25. To which of the following ethnic hordes, Toramana belonged to ?

[A] Scythians
[B] Hunas
[C] Yue-chis
[D] Sakas

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26. At which of the following sites, all the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic sites have been found in sequence?

[A] Sarai Nahar Rai
[B] Kurnool Valley
[C] Belan Valley
[D] Ahar

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27. Among all the major rock edicts of Ashoka, which one is the longest?

[A] 7th major rock edict
[B] 11th major rock edict
[C] 13th major rock edict
[D] 9th major rock edict

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28. As per the officials mentioned in the Arthashastra, the duties related to Crown lands was performed by whom ?

[A] Kosadhyaksha
[B] Hastyadhyaksha
[C] Lohadhyaksha
[D] Sitadhyaksha

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29. In context of Mauryan administration, who was the chief supervisor of the collection of revenue from the whole kingdom?

[A] Samaharta
[B] Sannidhata
[C] Karmantika
[D] Antapal

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30. In Sangam age, the book ‘Bharatam’ was written by__?

[A] Perudevanar
[B] Manimekalai
[C] Seethalai Saathanaar
[D] Tiruttakrdeva

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